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Ready to get your NEUBIE device fully booked and add significant cash revenue to your practice?

Patti Bartsch, ND, PhD
Success Coach & Wellness Practitioner

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In this free checklist, you'll learn how to get started leveraging your NEUBIE services for a wide variety of cash-based programs FAST.

  • 24 Key steps to getting fully booked and adding significant cash revenue to your practice
  • Discover 3 critical pieces to ensuring people can book with you while you sleep
  • Learn what people need to know in order to try the NEUBIE and rave about the results to everyone they know
  • Discover how to comfortably and confidently inspire people to invest in multi-session packages without being "salesy"

How much cash revenue do you want to add to your practice?

  • "After 2 years of stagnant appointments averaging only 6.5 hours per week, we reached and maintained our goal! We increased our device revenue to nearly $10,000 in the two months since we re-launched." ~ Dr. Deanna Bachert
  • "My wife sold a 24-pack on Friday and I made a 12-visit sale on Saturday! BOOM! Patti is the real deal! The coaching she gives is very applicable and doable!" ~ Blair Bauman
  • "I am now averaging 100 patients a month. Patti's class will more than pay for itself in a very short time. I am hoping to buy my second device within the next 4 months as I am at 95% capacity with my first unit." ~ Dr. Brian Jones
  • "...over 300 sessions per month after only 5 months." ~ Sean Mayer

Jason Waz, PT Nearly Doubled His Revenue in His First Year!

CLICK HERE to download your NEUBIE Success Checklist >>
  • "In our first fiscal quarter after implementing the NEUBIE we increased revenue by more than $62,000 with nearly 300 additional appointments over the same quarter during prior year"
  • "Our Net Revenue Per Visit increased by $30.35 when we added the NEUBIE
  • "Years later, our cash revenue continues to increase even with the impact of COVID-19"
  • "Implementing the NEUBIE in our practice has not only had a phenomenal impact on patient results, it has been THE practice differentiator we needed to help us to stand out, attract more patients and clients, and has generated more cash revenue than we ever imagined."
  • "In our first full year with the NEUBIE we increased total patient visits by 71%"

Who is Dr. Patti Bartsch?

Dr. Patti Bartsch, a highly successful wellness practitioner equips and empowers ambitious, passionate wellness professionals with the skills training & done-for-you, brand-as-your-own content with her proven system. Her multi-6-figure secrets to keeping wellness devices and services running to capacity has been duplicated time and again by practitioners across the globe.

Patti provides wellness professionals with brand-as-your-own handouts, videos, templates, scripts, and more so you can earn a fantastic income while helping others to feel better and to get well.

"If you are a practice owner, device developer, or medical entrepreneur, I would unequivocally recommend Patti as the expert in the field. She's somebody who can help you perfect your message. She can and help you scale your outreach to your customer base. And she can absolutely help you achieve success!" ~ Jason Waz, PT